Hi, I’m Sam. Come explore with me!

I’m an American currently based in Cairo. Twice per month, I publish free essays about all that is wonderful, difficult, and interesting about travel and life in Egypt. I also publish one travel guide and one roundup of fun stuff (including cocktail recipes, links to the best travel writing on the internet, and pretty photos of wherever I meander) per month for paid subscribers.

I want to take you on adventures through lush descriptions and gorgeous visuals while always striving to find meaning in the inner journeys that happen in parallel with our real-world excursions. When we step outside our typical experience, what burning questions are we left with, and how does it change us? What truths does it reveal about being human? In seeking to answer those questions, I hope to bring you joy, introspection, and a deeper awareness of the world around you.

If you are new here (Hello! So happy to have you!), I invite you to start by reading the following—a mix of my most popular essays and the writing I’m most proud of:

If you want to delve even deeper, you can read everything I’ve posted here, in my archive.

So I’ve given you the elevator pitch, but I have another, simpler motivation. I started this newsletter after waking up one morning, opening my laptop to peruse my favorite magazines and news sites, and finding that there was literally nothing I wanted to read. Not a single click was going spark wonder. Or foster a sense of community. Or provide information that would actually affect my daily life. I was staring into the abyss of an online world that felt sterile, shouty, commodified, and untrustworthy, and it made me tired.

This newsletter is my personal rejection of that online world. I just want to bring some authenticity, some serious reflection, and some genuine delight back to the internet.

I love to hear from readers and I try to respond to every comment, so do feel free to reach out! I’m looking forward to traveling with you. :)

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I write about life abroad, travel, and small encounters with the big world. But really, I just want to bring a slice of joy and authenticity back to the internet.


Samantha Childress

Samantha Childress writes memoir and personal essays about travel and living in Egypt as an expat.